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Once upon a time when a man and a women met and fell in love they got married, bought a house, had children and then the man met another women and would have some fun with her too … so says history (and Mad Men).

Now however, things are a little more complicated. Now we live in a world of varying degrees of cheating, from full-blown affairs to ‘emotional’ cheating. It seems that technology has changed our lives in many ways, and not just by making it easier to connect with our customers.

In 2005 the new way of cheating became ‘sexting’ (it even got it’s own Wikipedia page) and there were several high-profile cases covered in the media, the most recent being Eva Longoria and Tony Parker’s marraige breakdown.

However, it seems that cheating has now found a new outlet – social media.

Jason Manford, presenter of the BBC’s The One Show in the UK, has resigned after admitting that he had gone too far flirting with people online. Apparently ‘it all happened on tour’ (doesn’t it always?) and involved both Skype and Twitter. Manford has said “We would start off flirty…there were moments I thought ‘I shouldn’t be saying that’”.

Manford’s flirting via Twitter and Skype, like sexting, does not involve physical cheating the way a ‘tradtiional’ affair would, but is viewed as cheating all the same.

So, as social media makes it easier for us to promote and grow our businesses, and keep in touch with family across the globe, it also seems to be making it easier for some to be unfaithful.

Communication technology is wonderful, but as with all technology, in the wrong hands it can all go very badly wrong.

But one has to consider … ‘traditional’ affairs were conducted behind closed doors in hotel rooms, sexting is conducted on private phones …. social media is conducted in a public forum (!) … not very discreet now is it?

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