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why your company needs a blog in 2011If your company does not have a blog already it needs to become priority number 1 for 2011.


Previously I’ve talked about how companies that blog get:


  • 55% more visitors;
  • 97% more inbound links; and
  • 434% more indexed pages.


And, how 51% of people read blogs daily and almost 50% read more than one blog every day.


If this data weren’t compelling enough read on…


For the last few years Hubspot have complied a State of Inbound Marketing report and yesterday the 2011 stats were released in a webinar.


65% Of Companies Blog

Blogging clearly came through as a hugely important factor in business growth with a jump from 48% of companies blogging in 2009 to 65% in 2011.

So if you don’t already blog you are already in the minority!

Potential leads that could have found your company are finding your competitors because their blog is giving them the edge in the search engines (remember 434% more indexed pages – each page indexed gives you an extra chance of showing up in search results).


55% Of B2B Companies Acquired A Customer Through Their Blog

B2B companies often argue that inbound marketing does not work for them – that it’s only good for B2C. And, while B2C are acquiring more customers through their blog, with 63% of B2C companies confirming they had established new customers through their blog, B2B companies are not far behind at 55%, with that jumping to 58% for consulting / professional services companies.

Bottom line: the majority of companies that blog are getting customers as a result, regardless of industry.


62% Of Companies View Blog As Important For Business

When asked how important the company blog was to their business 27% reported it was critical and 35% reported it was important, with only a tiny percentage saying it was not useful at all.


Blog Leads Are Cheaper

55% of those surveyed reported that leads from blogging came at a ‘below average’ cost.


In summary:

  • 65% of companies out there are already blogging;
  • 55% have acquired a customer through their blog;
  • 55% say leads acquired through their blog cost less than average; and
  • 62% of companies say their blog is important for their business.


If you’re not already blogging, not only are you missing out on business opportunities, but you are falling further and further behind your competitors.


Take home message

If you do one thing in 2011 – get that company blog up and running!



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