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So on Monday I opened iTunes on my laptop to be greeted with the words Tomorrow is just another day. That you’ll never forget. Check back here tomorrow for an exciting announcement from iTunes.


itunes announcement


And it is Apple right? So if they’re getting us all jazzed up for an announcement it’s got to be good. Speculation was rife, both online and in my apartment, about what the announcement could be – would it be an iTunes cloud? apps for Apple TV? social media plugins? Oh my god they’re going to link up with Facebook seeing as Ping isn’t going well! etc. etc.


So the moment comes and … erm … the Beatles are on iTunes? … that’s it? … is that really THAT exciting? … do we care? and not even that … this has been going on for YEARS  and mainstream media had already reported the agreement had been reached in advance of yesterday’s announcement, so it wasn’t even new information.


I for one was certainly not expecting the “BIG” announcement to be about the Beatles music.


The Beatles. Now on iTunes


And I wasn’t the only one; there was a lot of activitity on Twitter to the same affect, with tweets such as Oh My God! Music that has been available for 40 years is… available!!!! from @DannyZuker and I can now buy music from the Beatles!? If this was the fifties I’d be excited. from @colmr.


It was not a day we are never going to forget.


And, the larger issue is, not only did people feel massively let down by the so-called “big” announcement, but as a result Apple has now lost some of it’s credibility. People expect Apple to make a big deal about an announcement when there should be a big deal made about an announcement, and only then.


Maybe it was a big deal for Apple given how long it’s taken, but as customers we just weren’t that excited, and now, next time Apple has a big announcement I don’t think people are going to get as excited.


Apple didn’t deliver for people and that is going to hurt them for the next time.


Take home message?


If you have a following and those people expect certain things of you – don’t take advantage of that and make sure you deliver!



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