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royal wedding social mediaLove them or hate them the UK Royal Family seem to have taken a leaf out of Obama’s book and have jumped into the world of Social Media in advance of the wedding this Friday, and they’re doing a pretty good job.

As most people in Europe and the US will know, after the endless coverage of the last few months, Prince William is to marry Catherine “Kate” Middleton this Friday – the first heir to the throne to marry a ‘commoner’ in more than 350 years. Kate is also the first royal bride to have a university degree and to live with her husband before marriage. She is also, arguably, the first to have so much training in what being a royal means in advance of the wedding, thanks to a long courtship.

A thoroughly modern royal bride.

Royal Family Social Channels

So it is fitting that the Royal Family have chosen the upcoming wedding as a good time to become heavily involved in Social Media. The Royal Family, famously discreet and proper, are now letting the public get a little bit closer – although I think you will find they will draw the line at allowing the Royals to tweet themsleves, instead letting press officials handle the channels, however it is still a giant step forward.

The Royal Family now has:

There is also an official royal wedding website and the wedding itself will also be streamed live on YouTube for viewers around the world, although if you live west of GMT you’ll have to be up early to watch it live!

Through these channels the public are getting a peek into the run up to the wedding, as well as a greater understanding of the responsibilities of the Royal Family. Many British feel the Royal Family is outdated and too expensive a burden on the tax payers. Could this opening of the doors prove to be a turning point in public opinion?

Social Media Could Result In Protests

Social media has its downside however, and could prove to be a problem. As has been seen in recent months Facebook and Twitter are popular tools in organising protests, as seen with the Egyptian revolution. The British Police are all too aware that groups could quickly organise a protest along the parade route on Friday and have announced that they will be watching all channels for any signs of negativity towards the wedding with Scotland Yard saying they are ready for anything that could disrupt the wedding.

The Big Day

Many are predicting the Royal Wedding will take the top trending spot on Twitter this Friday, and hopefully YouTube’s servers will be able to handle the predicted millions that will tune in to watch the big moment.

Whatever happens though, and whatever your feelings are towards the Royal Family, it would be nice if everyone remembered that this is still a young couple who are getting married, and it’s their day, even if they have to share it with the whole world.

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